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  • Asu
    Asu  2 months ago

    Iar a picat sv !

  • PRZGavrila
    PRZGavrila  3 months ago

    Gata iam dat drumul era picat rolleyes rolleyes

  • Asu
    Asu  3 months ago

    Cred ca e picat sv , ca si la mine la fel sta in awaiting connection ....

  • Goering
    Goering  3 months ago

    La voi se conecteaza?
    La mine nu merge de 2 zile mistrust

  • Asu
    Asu  3 months ago

    Ba mi-ai sters contul?

  • PRZGavrila
    PRZGavrila  3 months ago


  • PRZGavrila
    PRZGavrila  3 months ago


  • PRZGavrila
    PRZGavrila  3 months ago

    Am rezolvat

  • Goering
    Goering  4 months ago

    Salut! Serverul s-a blocat pe industry2

  • Goering
    Goering  4 months ago



Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory va apărea pe Steam la 20 ani după lansare

08 Jun 2022 : 18:44  |  Enemy Territory Instaler  |   0
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory este un joc apărut acum 19 ani și conform multor gameri, este unul dintre cele mai bune jocuri multiplayer care au apărut vreodată pe PC. Este atât de vechi încât foarte mulți tineri nu au avut plăcerea de a-l juca, mai ales j

Chiar dacă abia ieri a apărut pe Steam, jocul era disponibil în alt loc în tot acest timp. Dezvoltatorii Splash Damage îl au pe site-ul lor și îți oferă chiar și instrucțiuni despre cum să îl joci pe un sistem modern. Cu toate astea, lucrul ăsta nu se poate compara cu varianta de pe Steam care face totul mai convenabil, mai ușor de accesat, și oferă posibilitatea de a scrie și citi recenzii și de a activa într-un community hub.

Un Wolfenstein old school pe platforme noi

Acțiunea din Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory are loc în timpul celui de-al doilea Război Mondial și urmărește lupta dintre americani și germani. Meciurile pot avea până la 32 de playeri, 16v16, care se pot diviza în echipe mai mici pentru o comunicare mai bună. Mi-au plăcut foarte mult ultimele jocuri Wolfenstein, și spun cu părere de rău că sunt suficient de tânăr încât să nu prind perioada în care jocul ăsta era pe val, dar m-a făcut suficient de curios încât să vreau neapărat să îl încerc. Pe lângă asta, e gratis! 

Steam and download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

ET: LEGACY 2.80.2

08 Jun 2022 : 18:29  |  Enemy Territory Instaler  |   0
ET: Legacy 2.80.2 'Path Cleared! But like, for real this time!'

Two weeks ago we released the first hotfix 2.80.1 'Path Cleared!' for the initial ET: Legacy 2.80 'Clear the Path!' release another two weeks earlier. Backed by an absolutely amazing increase in activity following the recent Steam release of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, we are happy to bring another hotfix your way.

Given the age of the game, user-friendliness is not on the level of modern games. Given the recent influx in players, we improved the quality of error messages for debugging. On the other hand, we also fixed an issue crashing the game on start-up for some of you. Improving debugging is only a small part as we are also actively looking into UI customisations and improvements. (Again. But like for real this time!) Some improvements to the mod UI have already been included in this release with others still being ironed out.

  • Fixed double sound issue
  • Fixed voice chats on steam 2.60b client
  • Fixed game not running on Wayland on Linux
  • Prevented unintentional pushing by holding down +activate

-> full changelog


ETL: Bergen - version 7

31 Jan 2022 : 17:01  |  Enemy Territory Maps  |   0
This map is an overhaul of the original Bergen map created by Detoeni and the Wolf Project. As part of the ET: Legacy asset creation effort certain maps are being overhauled. Those maps have been selected for their stable gameplay, even in a competitive e

To prevent Allied convoys reaching shores, the Axis have to hold the naval base at all cost and keep the transmitter operational.


Ae4946ea441d745816291cb8d623ec9f 7aba75c5f6aa9a4c011a85b467a6e7f1 

7fe1fced59c02a26f4c23cdee4865ac2 6abb082c6273995f603f1b10dc041592

C7989b94e9b935e175a12b31a617a153 A7e1b6a4bd871966995b914e690e11d6


Download the new map version HERE

Source - MODDB - Kemon



30 Jan 2022 : 10:11  |  Enemy Territory Instaler  |   0
PARAZIT WET 2022 Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Instaler contain all maps and mods running on PARAZIT-Clan Server

Update : ET: LEGACY VERSION 2.79.0
Update : All Maps & Mods file from PARAIT Server
Add New :Shortcut to Desktop connect automaticaly on PARAZIT Server
Add New : Generate automaticaly ETKEY
And many more....

Baixe Ja Png 8


29 Jan 2022 : 17:01  |  Enemy Territory Instaler  |   0
We want to thank everyone for all your support this year. Additional helping hands have joined the team and made it possible to actually implement shorter release cycles, so those of you that are not using the snapshot builds can still enjoy the newest fe

Utmost respect and thanks also goes out to the admins of the ET: Legacy Competitive community. The effort put into this is incredibly motivating and a huge help. Your regular scrims combined with proper organised cups provides so much valuable hands-on feedback to this project, enabling us to prioritise and tailor features and fixes for the best ET: Legacy experience possible.

If some of you, dear ET fans, have not joined the ET: Legacy Competitive Discord, but are looking for regular matches, events and friendly banter, make sure to join the lovely folks over at ETL Comp. Discord channel. It may help in avoiding a quadra-panzer wipe withing the first 10 seconds of a match, basically handing the opponent the win. Not that this happened or anything. know? cough

This is all for this year. But honestly, the future of this project has never looked more promising as going into 2022. There are so many great things on the horizon for ET: Legacy, so make sure to keep an eye out for news in our Discord, as well as the Competitive one.

All that's left for us to do is wish you all happy holidays and a pleasant start to 2022.

Grab the latest release in our Downloads section.

Toxic Fabric CTF Final

28 Jan 2022 : 16:08  |  Enemy Territory Maps  |   0
This is Devils Right Hand's final version of his Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map

This is Devils Right Hand's final version of his Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map, Toxic Fabric, which has been ported from Quake3 to Wolf: ET. Special thanks to Aciz from etjump for the, weapon_respawn, script.

This is a Capture the Flag map.

750cd6cfc4a1d573ee260b8ac81b1431 Bd7d3f76865e31004698b6e57d2a5ab5 0785c95542c710c4506a9c8c238abf38 7f19e63fe0cd1d98b4f79c6f79424b35 83359771211f50a072258064951e0283

Fc4534d05d951cb02c5e533ca2ef8688 109ba8ad847d8560116e727ce2ccdea4 C9ab1e0050af2d0f35646135a9382b5e A1ef9e61d32b9c188f4c2bd3ff79a593 2010d7b35f02004fdfc12f219cf60e3d

Download the final version HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Devils Right Hand




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