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bullet PRZ Gavrila
3 days ago
Multumesc din suflet grin grin grin
bullet PRZ Brucekil
4 days ago
LA MULTI ANI ADI !!! biglaugh
bullet PRZ Gavrila
3 weeks ago
Haideti la FUN PLAY în week-end!!!!!
Poate reusim sa ne adunam sambata seara la o kilareala biglaugh
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3 weeks ago
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1 month ago
Salutare dodge smile
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ETL: Ice - version 7

This map is an overhaul of the original Ice map from Wolf:ET, created by id software. As part of the ET: Legacy asset creation effort certain maps are being overhauled. Those maps have been selected for their stable gameplay, even in a competitive environment.


A small Axis coastal fortress is the target of the Allies strike group sent by OSA. Overwhelmed by the surprise attack, the Axis troops hastily abandoned the fortress, only to realise that confidential documents were left behind depicting supply routes to a nearby secret rocket base.

Under no circumstances can the Axis Forces let the Allies get hold of the new rocket prototype built in this base. Hence, the Axis attempt to retrieve the confidential documents left behind in the coastal fortress and transmit them to safety at all cost.


* Fixed command map icons showing outside of compass. (Thank you spyhawk for reporting)
* Changed from Axial Projection to Brush Primitives.
* Added unique ids for spawn slots to prepare this feature.
* Adjusted various texture alignments.
* Reduced number of verts and shaders in first valley.
* Reworked forward flag functionality to prevent spawn glitch after /map_restart.
* Added optional flag secure mechanic when Side Wall destroyed. (enabled by default)
* Added optional health and ammo cabinets in southern tunnel. (diabled by default)
* Removed Axis flag cm icon for Allied team as it was causing problems.
* Adjusted colour of lighting in transmitter building to be less obnoxiously orange.
* Fixed glass shader on trucks.


Fe1c47195fbbf24ac68e92e231a5181b Ed8b0f4f47c932ab233262f0f80f06a3

C7c78c8ae75935208f9f3837f03df58e E84608e10d60aec5675d1265f5cd6b91

608cebe03410483526e927a70c3f1783 84486f925efc42b056f28975c936cc68   

Download the new version HERE

Source - MODDB - Kemon


Posted by PRZ Gavrila on Saturday 20 January 2024 - 19:59:19   | Comments (0)
Enemy Territory


PARAZIT WET Instaler 2022



Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory PARAZIT-Clan