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bullet PRZ Gavrila
4 months ago
Multumesc din suflet grin grin grin
bullet PRZ Brucekil
4 months ago
LA MULTI ANI ADI !!! biglaugh
bullet PRZ Gavrila
5 months ago
Haideti la FUN PLAY în week-end!!!!!
Poate reusim sa ne adunam sambata seara la o kilareala biglaugh
bullet brucekil
5 months ago
bullet PRZ Gavrila
5 months ago
Salutare dodge smile
Latest Posts
ETL Beach V2

This map is a new conversion of the original RtCW map, mp_beach. It uses a modified version of the script created for et_beach and features the same
objectives and basic gameplay.

The main focus has been on improving the quality of the map with many fixes, the restoration of original assets, plus new decorations and visual
improvements. A small number of changes have also been made to help improve the balance of the map.

Shot0032 Etl Beach Mg42s


•    Added a timer to permanent spawn option for Allies in Forward Bunker (can be disabled via mapscript, enabled by default)
•    Added an option to spawn each of the MG42s (can be disabled via mapscript, enabled by default)
•    Relocated rock by Sea Wall to fix exploit
•    Fixed "SV_SetBrushModel: NULL" error
•    Restored original terrain geometry near roof of Forward Bunker
•    New terrain texturing with improved dotproduct2 blending
•    Reduced size of radio objective trigger box
•    Modified terrain by South Bunker to allow Allies to bypass ladder via hillside
•    New rock terrain texture and matching rock model texture
•    Added new Allied Supply Bunker spawn, enabled by building CP (can be disabled via mapscript, enabled by default)
•    Modified Axis Barracks spawn, enabled by building CP (Can be disabled via mapscript, enabled by deault)
•    Rearranged Axis Main Bunker spawnpoint layout
•    Fixed misnumbered Axis spawnpoint ID
•    Renumbered various spawnpoint IDs
•    Rearranged order of "team_WOLF_objective" entities to assign spawn location numbers sequentially (1 to 6)
•    New spawnpoint layout reference images
•    New sky shader with a moon and world lighting improvements
•    Reworked interior and exterior lighting
•    Added new searchlights and AA guns
•    Added new grass foliage
•    Added more rocks and bushes
•    Added more props and decorations in various rooms within the bunkers
•    Fixed texturing of barbed wire on Sea Wall
•    Added supports to barbed wire on Sea Wall
•    Added the correct footstep sounds for grass and sand


v1 (to original et_beach):

•    Added new command map
•    Improved Sea Wall door icon
•    Added ammo and health cabinet map icons
•    Added missing ammo cabinet icon
•    Improved lighting of command post
•    Improved lighting in trench dugout
•    Added new wall light on upper south level of the bunker
•    Fixed issue with players being killed by clipping the command post while constructing
•    Fixed Allied objective status for capturing Forward Bunker
•    Added all objectives to limbo menu
•    Spelling and grammar corrections
•    Fixed all objective limbo cameras
•    Added missing mortar sound effects
•    Added new VO announcements
•    Removed duplicate UI pop-up announcements
•    Altered bot .gm file to match new UI pop-up announcements
•    New sky
•    Restored original terrain textures
•    Restored original sea textures and animation
•    Added rocks and vegetation
•    Fixed missing radar dish
•    Added Pak 40 gun emplacements
•    Added many additional props throughout the map
•    Minor adjustments to trench geometry and texture alignment
•    New trench wood texture
•    Minor adjustments to trench dugout geometry
•    Fixed Allied side spawn
•    Increased number of spawn points
•    Adjusted spawn point locations
•    Removed upper level MG42 to improve team balancing
•    Minor adjustments to forward bunker terrain geometry
•    Expanded interior space of forward bunker
•    Added a ladder and hatch to the forward bunker (can be disabled via mapscript, enabled by default)
•    Added a separate spawn location for Axis in barracks (can be disabled via mapscript, enabled by default)
•    Added a permanent spawn option for Allies in Forward Bunker (can be enabled via mapscript, disabled by default)
•    Fixed triggering of alarm sound
•    Fixed various texture alignment issues
•    Made wall boards, light switches and light mounts non-solid to prevent obstruction of player movement
•    Fixed invisible back sides of lights mounted on antenna
•    Added metal shutters to windows in the main bunker (can be enabled via mapscript, disabled by default)


- Original script: SEKoner
- Searchlight model: FireFly
- Stained paper textures: Majcher Arcana,
- Technical drawings:

- Thanks to kemon for the inspiration, guidance and feedback
- Thanks to Mateos for improving the bot waypoints
- Thanks to uips for feedback, suggestions and assisting with the scripting
- Thanks to c0rnn for feedback and suggestions

ETL Discord


All included files may be freely shared and modified.

All original files remain property of Nerve Software LLC and SplashDamage Ltd.
Copyright © 2002 Nerve Software LLC, © 2003 SplashDamage Ltd. and © Activision Publishing inc. All rights reserved.

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Posted by PRZ Gavrila on Sunday 18 February 2024 - 11:45:04   | Comments (0)
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