• There are 2 things

    - first 2 lines look good, but how do you switch between normal crouching and crouching with variable crosshairsize? There seems to be one bind missing that allows to change crouching modes.

    - make sure you don't use space between '+' and 'movedown' or 'vstr'. +vstr and vstr are 2 different things but I think you know that.


    Here's how I'd make it work, but can't test it right now:


    set RD "+movedown; cg_crosshairSize 50"
    set RD1 "-movedown; cg_crosshairSize 62"
    set RD2 "set next_RD vstr RD3; bind space +movedown; echo Regular crouching"
    set RD3 "set next_RD vstr RD2; bind space +vstr RD RD1; echo Small crosshair crouching"
    set next_RD "vstr RD2"
    bind SPACE "+vstr RD RD1"

    bind key "vstr next_rd"


    I'd also add variable cg_fov to that small crosshair crouching (if you don't use it at 90 all the time) to make it perfect:)


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