Table of Contents

A. Installing

B. Quick Start

C. Playing Enemy Territory

D. Movement

E. Game Modes

F. Campaign and Limbo Menus

   F.1 The Campaign Map

   F.2 The Limbo Menu

G. The HUD

   G.2 Hints

H. Strategic Objectives

   H.1 Team Doors

   H.2 Constructibles

   H.3 Command Posts

   H.4 Health and Ammo Cabinets

   H.5 MG Nests

I. Vehicles

   I.1 Escorting Vehicles

   I.2 Damaging and Repairing Vehicles

   I.3 Vehicle-Mounted MGs

J. Weapons

   J.1 Using a Weapon

   J.2 Reloading

   J.3 Swapping Weapons

   J.4 The Weapons

K. Classes

   K.1 Soldier

   K.2 Medic

   K.3 Engineer

   K.4 Field Ops

   K.5 Covert Ops

L. Skills And Rewards

   L.1 Light Weapons

   L.2 Battle Sense

   L.3 Heavy Weapons

   L.4 First Aid

   L.5 Engineering

   L.6 Signals

   L.7 Covert Operations

M. Ranks, Stats, and Medals

   M.1 Ranks

   M.2 Stats

   M.3 Medals

N. Communication

O. Servers

   O.1 Finding a Server

   O.2 Setting up a Server

P. Credits