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  • {PRZ}Gavrila
    {PRZ}Gavrila  1 month ago

    are implementat deja anticheat in legacy

  • Metallica
    Metallica  1 month ago

    Erata -Legacy

  • Metallica
    Metallica  1 month ago

    Am observat ca modul lagacy incepe,timid,sa aiba adepti -aka playeri.Eu am download ultima versiune le ET Legacy -Eu propun ca incet sa trecem pe acest mod cu toate mapele care pot fi compatibile -un pubmod sa fie pentru toti mai ales ca se poate intra si cu versiunea veche de Et,dar nu ai HD ca un utilizator de Legacy.
    Ce mai trebuie spus-foarte important-Lagacy nu este compatibil cu PB si etpro clasic sub nici o forma-ori joci etpro original ,ori treci la legacy pro care nu suporta punk buster

  • Metallica
    Metallica  1 month ago

    In sfarsit am reusit sa intru si eu 9

  • {PRZ}Gavrila
    {PRZ}Gavrila  1 month ago

    Azi incerc sa fac si serverul de ET Legacy , va fii clasic seamana cu ETPRO foarte mult fara download doar mapele clasice refacute re editate o sa las mai multe detalii pe Forum smileys-drinking-beer

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News by month 2019

F|A Italy Beta 2

This is a brand new version of the "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" map, "Italy".

This is a brand new version of the "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" map, "Italy". It has been created by Isbowhten and Smiley from the "Fearless Assassins Gaming Community".


- Added new route to CP through lower entry way for better level flow and challenge.

- All drain pipes are now climbable for more balanced roof accessibility.

- Some Roof areas opened for more open play style and play ability.

- New route to First flag granting allies a bit more ease from the first spawn and more open space to work with along with a back way to the flag.

- Added in more bushes, boxes, table, and trees to new access for cover and accessibility.

-More mineable areas including new routes to both CP and flag along with several small missing brick areas in the streets.

- Courtyard flag area has second climbable ivy patch to roof.

- A good size hole in the old CP spot for level flow and need of use.


59daf115ea331a746d28f612e4141e0f 70fb8660a81da659cb8ecb4cb7c28ff0 61a341d5238e71326a797096d7a95f18 637978cbb84f4a143aca4bed3c40c471 28ab5cd46001515dac99f4e56a91d5a2

13098eed0a26bffd1be8fcb6d133e982 F2dc900c50aab11be0ad4546e3c02470 Aa40297dcd59d11f76484b32c8dc2d69 84524bbab10fc4220480b0940e2e568c 30b6a706249324157518f3843f781b3f

Download the new map version HERE

Fearless Assassins official website HERE

Source - EnemyTerritoryStuff - Kate




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