You only need to replace the qagame .dll and the pk3 files with the new ones to update your server. You can now also host a N!tmod server on MacOS with the qagame_mac provided in the package !. If you are installing for the first time, or updating from a version prior to 2.3, don't forget to check the Setup tutorial and the NxAC Setup tutorial.

Added= Added

Fixed= Fixed

Modified= Modified

Removed= Removed

N!tmod 2.3.5 - Feb. 14th 2023

FixedPlayers losing all their XP after a map change or reconnect

FixedPlayers losing XP in some skills (mainly CovertOps skill) after reaching a very high XP amount

FixedPotential client crash when invalid weapon number was passed to the 'class' command.

FixedCancel vote when intermission starts

AddedIntermission visual hit regions

ModifiedSetting n_NxAC to 0 on the server will not report violations at all

ModifiedNxAC version 2.3 - Fix compatibility with recent ET:Legacy updates

Compatible with ET:Legacy 64bit for MacOS and Linux!