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bullet {PRZ}Terrdy
[24 Nov : 00:46]
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[17 Nov : 14:27]
Terrdy comunistoizii ttebuie sa dispara si daca esti cu ei.....Istoria nu iarta si mai ales Romanii....lectie de democratie a luat Puie Monta........
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[17 Nov : 14:17]
Uite ca Romanii fac ce trebuie.....cinste lor..
bullet {PRZ}Terrdy
[14 Nov : 00:55]
Meta si Adi,voi chiar a-tzi baut apa?
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[13 Nov : 14:34]
Iar cine are dubii asupra unui candidat de etnie germana sa mai citeasca istoria Romaniei incapand cu anul 1866...Independenta-rege neamt,Marea Unire 1918...tot rege neamt...din 1946 robolsevici pana acum...De noi depinde sa scapam de rusificare.....
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[13 Nov : 14:26]
Iesiti la vot duminica 16.11.2014,sa scapam odata de comunistoizii astia in frunte cu primplagiatorul ponta
bullet {PRZ}Gavrila
[13 Nov : 06:29]
Buhaiul de balta TERDY voteaza cu ponta asa ca meriti un
bullet {PRZ}Gavrila
[13 Nov : 06:28]
bullet {PRZ}Terrdy
[13 Nov : 00:14]
Buna dimi !
bullet {PRZ}brucekil
[12 Nov : 07:29]
bullet (PRZ)Maranu
[06 Nov : 10:34]
bullet Maveryck
[04 Nov : 11:34]
bullet caesar
[04 Nov : 09:53]
va salut pe toti !
bullet {PRZ}Terrdy
[03 Nov : 01:00]
Pai Meta este praf...a ajuns sa bea apa !!! bum
bullet {PRZ}Asu
[02 Nov : 13:49]
mai traieste cineva pe aici?
bullet Maveryck
[02 Nov : 09:41]
bullet Pink Spider
[02 Nov : 08:22]
Cum praf si pulbere, nea' Metallica ? Pe unde mai jucati, unde va gasesc sa va ciuruiesc pantalonii ?
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[31 Oct : 16:34]
server off ..mai exista {PRZ}? raspuns DA {PRZ}Grizu si {PRZ}Metallica tin steagul {PRZ} SUS.....restul praf si pulbere.... bum
bullet {PRZ}Terrdy
[12 Oct : 05:29]
Te vazu Meta ca bausi o gura de apa...daia...acum stii?..
bullet Sarah
[07 Oct : 12:30]
Nem tudok csatlakozni a szerverre! Ugyan azt írja ki mint Metallicanak
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[06 Oct : 16:11]
De ce ma da afara serverul {PRZ} bum
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[06 Oct : 15:37]
Hai {PRZ} cati mai suntem..intrati pe server AoS
bullet Sarah
[05 Oct : 17:30]
Hi all!
bullet Maveryck
[05 Oct : 11:32]
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[05 Oct : 10:57]
Da azi am jucat cu {PRZ}Damir pe AoS si a fost ,a fost si {PRZ}Vladimir

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Tuesday 16 September 2014
PARAZIt-Clan Fun Event
Septembrie 27 ra 19 :00

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Posted by {PRZ}Gavrila on Tuesday 16 September 2014 - 03:12:07   | Add/Read Comments: 0
Sunday 14 September 2014

- sa optimizat pentru Windows 8.0 si 8.1 mb
- problema cu rezolutia sa rezolvat mai ales cei care aveau monitoare vide sau laptop
- genereaza la instalare automat etkey
- minimizarea jocului se face apasand tastele ALT-TAB nu mai aveti nevoie de nici un fel de program de minimizare

- la intrare pe server detecteaza automat rezolutia


1360x768 (16:9)
1440x900 (16:10)
1680x1050 (16:10)
1920x1080 (16:9)
1920x1200 (16:10)
2560x1600 (16:10)

- Kitul a fost testat pe Win 8 , cine are win 7 sau 8 , executabilul se ruleaza cu Run as
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable si DireX se instaleaza automat

Alte Cvar`s -uri ce se pot modifica din config :

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Posted by {PRZ}Gavrila on Sunday 14 September 2014 - 08:30:29   | Add/Read Comments: 0
Saturday 13 September 2014

Happy 11th birthday, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!
Happy 11th birthday, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!Splash Damage's first game - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - was released exactly ELEVEN YEARS ago. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was born on 29/05/2003. The game was originally planned as a buyable addon for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but the singleplayer was not ready in time. Thus, the community one of the best free multiplayer first person shooter of all time received.We wish all ET players continue to enjoy with this "young at heart" teamplay shooter.
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Posted by {PRZ}Gavrila on Saturday 13 September 2014 - 14:26:27   | Add/Read Comments: 0

Adlernest Roof B1
Adlernest Roof B1 - Modified with DerSaidin's permission.Alternations:
- Roof access added from CP spawn and axis spawn after the controls are blown
- Added access to the abyss with rope exit leading to under axis spawn
- Bug jump on the roof removed
- Added rocket launcher (can be used once only), which creates a hole in the roof (near the ammo packs)
- Removed walls next to the ammo packsIt does not change the game play, it just adds some extra fun!Source: |
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Posted by {PRZ}Gavrila on Saturday 13 September 2014 - 14:23:42   | Add/Read Comments: 0
Wednesday 26 February 2014
Dingenskirchen Beta 1

  This map is a collaboration between Phisherman and KeMoN and the result of more than a year of more or less continuous development. It was created as a tribute to the good old times of RtCW and was originally intended to be released for the 10th birthday of WolfET. We didn't make it on time but we still hope it will bring back some memories to the old-schoolers amongst you. Since this is the first public release, any feedback (ranging from bad texture-alignment to glitches) is welcome. The .map source-file is planned to be released some day, but please understand that we would like to improve the map before any conversions based on an old version are created. So please, if you find a bug, do NOT release any unofficial scriptfixes etc, as this will only cause confusion. If you find a bug, please post HERE or write me an eMail/PM, and I will release an official fix or a new map version.
-----Storyline----- December 1944: The noose tightens around the Reich's neck as Allied forces threaten to cross the Siegfried Line and advance into Germany. In a strategy meeting in an Eifel castle, German high command has worked out plans on how to repel the invaders. Allied intelligence wants these plans destroyed before they can be distributed to the front line.

This map has three main objectives instead of one, two of which must be completed by the Allies in order to win the match. This was done in an attempt to prevent the massive objective camping by the defending team on some maps.

Allied mission:
  • Repair and steal the axis tank located in the village.
  • Capture the village spawn and escort the tank past all obstacles and use it to blow open the Castle Gate.
  • Map Objective 1/3: Steal an ancient treasure which the Axis have hidden inside the castle wine cellar.
  • Map Objective 2/3: Blow up the axis high command conference room to sabotage the coordination of the axis troops.
  • Map Objective 3/3: Retrieve a microfilm containing axis war secrets which an OSA agent managed to get hold of and swallow before being killed by the German forces.
Download or test the new map HERE Source - Splashdamage - KeMoN
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Posted by {PRZ}Gavrila on Wednesday 26 February 2014 - 04:56:02   | Add/Read Comments: 0
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GG {PRZ} #@$@% !@#!@#!$

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marry x-mas to all, from animall to ;)

[poll] Sa se introduca pe server din nou adrenalina pentru toate clasele
Posted by {PRZ}GRIZU on 21 Dec : 02:46
Joaca corect slovacii nostri. Daca i-ati vedea pe [more ...]

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