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bullet TM IONY
[16 Jan : 21:29]
Maine la 19:00 adunarea ))) Din comanda maresalului TM IONY:)))
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[08 Jan : 20:22]
Astazi am reusit sa strangem 11 playeri pe server ceea ce este OK ,poate incet reusim sa repopulam cel mai popular server de ET din Ro.
bullet {PRZ}Slasher
[06 Jan : 21:44]
intru si eu de maine . nici nu mai stiu comenzile
bullet {PRZ}Gavrila
[06 Jan : 15:40]
Hai domnilor la 19:30 adunarea pe server si pe teamspeak ca si datile trecute se da live si pe facebook
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[05 Jan : 15:59]
!Da da Iony
bullet TM IONY
[05 Jan : 13:40]
Salutare lumee! Diseara va sparge baiatu meu )
bullet {PRZ}Gavrila
[04 Jan : 22:21]
Miine tot la 19:30 ne vedem pe server
bullet TM IONY
[04 Jan : 21:07]
bullet {PRZ}Gavrila
[04 Jan : 15:10]
azi de la 19:30 adunarea pe server se da si live pe Facebook
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[03 Jan : 17:22]
bullet {PRZ}Gavrila
[02 Jan : 20:19]
A fost misto azi ne-am adunat ca pe vremuri miine de la 19:00 ne adunam iar se va da si live pe Facebook ca si azi
bullet {PRZ}Gavrila
[02 Jan : 14:28]
Adunarea pe Server azi de la 19:00
bullet {PRZ}Gavrila
[02 Jan : 13:11]
bullet brucekil
[01 Jan : 17:08]
LA MULTI ANI dragi camarazi
bullet sorin
[01 Jan : 16:25]
daca Porku nu zice nimic il intelegem: l-o fi halit careva!
bullet {PRZ}Măranu
[01 Jan : 15:10]
La mulți ani !!
bullet mielu
[01 Jan : 13:54]
La multi ani!
bullet sorin
[31 Dec : 19:18]
La Multi Ani!
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[31 Dec : 18:52]
La Multi Ani 2018 !!!
bullet brucekil
[25 Dec : 10:43]
Craciun Fericit!!!!
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[24 Dec : 17:18]
Craciun Fericit !!!!
bullet sorin
[24 Dec : 12:38]
Craciun Fericit!
bullet {PRZ}Măranu
[24 Dec : 10:47]
Crăciun fericit tuturor !!!
bullet sorin
[22 Dec : 21:03]
Meta, mai bine intrai sa impusti niste boti... ca daca ne uitam la statistici nu prea vede multa lume tinuta botilor...
bullet {PRZ}Metallica
[22 Dec : 18:29]
Trecem si noi la tinuta de iarna? eu am redenumit botii dupa renii mosului

2018 January
No events for this month.




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Sunday 01 May 2016

LRS Highway Sniper b1
LoRenz presents his new Enemy Territory Sniper map - LRS Highway Sniper beta 1."This map we are in a traffic jam, so, we can spend our time for snipe, and try to get out alive. Watch your steps, if you fall from the vehicle, you die."Thanks to |LRS|Mo0n, Cate Armstrong and me, who gave their face for the drivers.
Thanks to (HBC)Hannes who gave his motorbike picture and sound.
Thanks to |LRS|Elite who gave his music for trucks.Have fun :-)Source: Big thx to LoRenz via Mail 
LRS HIGHWAY SNIPER Version:beta 1  
Author Lorenz Date 18.04.2016 Filesize 17,685 MB Download 21

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Posted by Administrator on Sunday 01 May 2016 - 20:38:50   | Add/Read Comments: 0

Thud in the Sand b1
Thud in the Sand beta 1 - This is a new ET Allied-attack map created by WuTangH. The map environment is situated in a small Egyptian-styled town and ends up in underground Axis bunkers.Allied Objectives
Primary: Steal the Dynamite and deliver it to the truck.
Primary: Escort the truck and destroy the city gate.
Primary: Destroy the tunnels gate to gain access into underground bunkers.
Primary: Use the button in the control cabin to move the rockets out of safe.
Primary: Steal the Captains key from his table and deliver it to the safe to open it.
Primary: Steal the case, moneypack 1 and moneypack 2 and deliver them to the green truck in the rich part of city.
Secondary: Destroy the hovel wall to gain one more access point that leads to the dynamite.Source: | WuTangH
THUD IN THE SAND Version:beta 1 
Author WuTangH Date 15.04.2016 Filesize 23 MB Download 10

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Posted by Administrator on Sunday 01 May 2016 - 20:38:04   | Add/Read Comments: 0
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