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Before have complaine please read {PRZ}rules
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Rules :

PARAZIT-Clan in general has certain rules and regulations that all clan members and guests must follow at all times. These rules are divided into two sections : Forum Rules and In-game rules:

-- Forum Rules :
1. The primary language to be used while communicating is English. In case of the need to explain the topic better, you may use a different language, however please
add an English translation as well.
2. Disrespecting other users, using inappropriate language are not allowed.
3. Offensive and sexually related material are not allowed.
4. Do not use more than 5 emoticons per shout.
5. Do not spam in the shoutbox with senseless letters, numbers, or other characters. ( eg. "7ythGH*^[.{}p" )
6. Spam is only allowed in topics under the Spam Base.
-- In-game Rules :
1. Only English & Romanian should be used in chat. If you wish to talk in any other language, please do it through other forms such as private fireteam, private message, etc.
2. Cheating in any manner is not allowed on PARAZIT-Cla servers.
3. Using scripts to gain advantages is also not allowed.
4. Double clanning is not allowed. However, PARAZIT-Cla understands that you may want to be a part of a TEAM. It is okay to belong to a TEAM, as long as the team does not have a public server.
5. Disrespecting other members and guests is not allowed.
-->This includes all kinds of insults. We do not have an automute on our servers (except for No Download) and it is the admins who mute for insulting.
6. Asking for admin levels is not allowed.
7. Hacking of a PARAZIT-Cla server is not allowed.
8. The abuse of admin level (commands) is not allowed.
9. Using multi satchels is not allowed.
10. Selfkill in fights is not allowed.
11. Spamming in chat is not allowed. This includes the use of excessive binds.
12. Complaining / whining of other's gameplay is not allowed.
13. Using glitches is not allowed.
14. Intentional mortar blocking is not allowed.
15. XP whoring is not allowed.
16. Please maintain a sense of decency while on our servers. No sexist talks.
17. Please don't sit naked and play ET. (No questions asked.)
18. Clan tags must be worn at all times on public servers.
19. All clan members must have a GUID and clan tag {PRZ}
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